Don Camillo and Peppone
Solo hand puppet show with a distinct Italian flavor based on the famous series of books

Italian author Giovanni Guareschi’s stories about the sometimes angelic and oftentimes devilish antics of Father Don Camillo and his “arch-enemy” Peppone, the local mayor, are famous. In 2008, the Dornerei hand puppet theater revived these two heroes. The staging of this solo production of “Don Camillo and Peppone” is the fulfillment of a longstanding dream for puppeteer Markus Dorner. The show sets entertaining episodes from Giovanni Guareschi’s novels in Pulcinella, the “Cuba of Italy,” a very special little place between heaven and hell.

19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Dornerei Theater mit Puppen
Ages 14 and up • german
60 min • Hand puppets, actor
€ 20 / 10

Puppeteer: Markus Dorner

Director: Tristan Vogt

Puppets/stage: Ralf Wagner

Performing rights: Ahn and Simrock, theater publisher

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