The Curious Elephant
How the elephant got its trunk

Many, many years ago, elephants didn’t have trunks, they had little snub noses in the middle of their faces. Just how elephants got their trunks and how they can be used to satisfy an insatiable curiosity – that’s what you’ll learn in this story. And before the curious elephant makes it home in time for dinner, he meets a turtle, a monkey, a snake, and a tiger.

10:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, studio
Bundesanstalt für Elementarpädagogik (BAfEP) Mistelbach
Ages 3 and up • german
40 min • Tabletop puppets
€ 12 / 6

Puppeteers: Students of the BAfEP Mistelbach

Directors/dramaturgy: Helena Kramar, Marica Mikulová

Puppets/stage: Roman Anderle

Text: based on one of Rudyard Kipling’s famous Just So Stories

Bundesanstalt für Elementarpädagogik (BAfEP) Mistelbach Website

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