Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
A thrilling folk tale from the 1001 Nights collection of stories

Kasim, a powerful sorcerer, one day reads an ancient text in which he learns about the existence of a lamp with potent magical powers. Oh, if only this lamp were in his possession! He could rule the whole world! But Kasim knows that only a poor laborer can recover the lamp, and the chosen one is Aladdin. With the promise of great wealth, he lures Aladdin into a deep cave, where the young lad does indeed find the mysterious lamp. Seeing through the magician’s sinister plan, Aladdin refuses to hand the lamp over. As he rubs it clean, a genie appears to grant his every wish. The genie of the lamp helps him escape Kasim, but the sorcerer refuses to give up. Aladdin has no idea of the adventures that still await him when he meets the beautiful Princess Budur…

09:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm Bernatzik-Saal
Hohenloher Figurentheater
Ages 6 and up • german
50 min • Marionettes
€ 12 / 6

Directors/puppeteers: Johanna Sperlich, Harald Sperlich

Puppets: Barbara Weinhold, Günter Weinhold

Set designer: Rolf Cofflet

Text: Hans-Jo. Hellwig

Music: Rainer Lischka

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