The Hare and the Hedgehog or Lies Have Long Legs
The well-known fairy tale of the race

No road is too long for Mr. Hare, no danger too great, no task too difficult. No wonder he is a hero. At least in his own imagination. Mr. Hedgehog is the exact opposite. He likes to stay at home and tend to his beet field.

Every day, Mr. Hare passes the Hedgehog Family home and tells them about his many adventures. “What incredible stories,” gushes Mrs. Hedgehog. “What a show-off,” her husband thinks. Fed up with it all, Mr. Hedgehog says to himself, “that show-off should prove what his bunny legs are made of!”

With cunning, passion, and light luggage, Max Tröbinger brings this classic fairy tale to life on stage. Unlike the original Brothers Grimm version, the audience sees that friendship is possible between unequal partners and how conflict can, in the end, bring individuals closer together.

09:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal right
Tröbinger & Tröbinger Figurentheater & Verein denk:spiel
Ages 3 and up • german
45 min • Tabletop puppets
€ 12 / 6

Puppeteer: Maximilian Tröbinger

Director: Annika Pilstl

Stage/puppets: Gerti Tröbinger

Music: Elisabeth Gasztner

Project managers: Manfred Forster, Gerti Tröbinger

Photos: Reinhard Winkler

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