Winnetou – The Treasure of Silver Lake
Karl May in the puppet theater

“Whenever I think of the American Indian, I am reminded of the Turk.” This sentence, the opening line of Karl May’s introduction to volume I of his Winnetou book series, provided the idea for this puppet show adaptation of the novel “Treasure of Silver Lake.” The show begins in a German naturalization office, where a Turk (Ruşen Kartaloğlu) has gone to apply for a German passport

Get ready to be reunited with Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, Sam Hawkins and many other characters of the Wild West. Immerse yourself in a nostalgic world full of adventure, hostility, and friendship. Here, good and evil are clearly defined, tolerance and justice are fought for, and things end with Winnetou’s silver rifle being exchanged for a peace pipe. How!

19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal left
marotte Figurentheater
Ages 14 and up • german, with break
90 min • Full-view manipulation puppets, actors, shadow theater
€ 20 / 10

Performers: Thomas Hänsel, Ruşen Kartaloğlu

Director: Carsten Dittrich

Rainer Schicktanz

Text: based on the stories of Karl May

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