The Brave Little Tailor


The finest house puppet theater performed by Kerstin Wilhelm with 30 cm-tall traditional Bohemian marionettes in a fabulous peep-box stageset en miniature. Kerstin Wilhelm comes from the legendary puppeteer family Dombrowski, who have often been guests in Mistelbach since the founding of the festival. 

The brave little tailor killed “seven at one blow”! So he stitched a seven into his belt and went out into the world. That it was just flies isn’t all that important. The point is that others see him as a gallant hero. And in the end the tailor deviously wins the hand of the king’s daughter—but not before brilliantly enduring a few life-threatening trials with a giant, a dangerous unicorn, and a wild boar.

15:40 Uhr, Alfred Sramek Saal rechts
Österreich Premiere
Hausmarionettentheater Kerstin Wilhelm
45 min • Marionetten

IDEE / SPIEL: Kerstin Wilhelm
BÜHNE: historisches Hausmarionettentheater mit original böhmischen Marionetten


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