Little Hobbin

“BEWARE! Fairytale” is also the motto at the Mistelbach Municipal Library. With her Kamishibai storytelling theater, librarian Sabine Stimson will tell all her big and little listeners a story by Theodor Storm (1817–1888) about Little Hobbin, a small boy who just doesn’t want to go to sleep. His mother rolls him around in his bed on wheels, back and forth, to calm him to sleep, but in the end she can’t keep her eyes open anymore. While the mother sleeps, we set off on an adventurous journey with the little boy, and the good old moon accompanies us on the way.

12:00 Uhr, Stadtbibliothek
Stadtbibliothek Mistelbach
30 min • Objekte

IDEE / SPIEL: Sabine Stimson

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