Pulcinella – Burgele

In the garden of the puppeteer the puppets have everything they desire: They play, dance, sing, and laugh whenever they want. There is just one thing they can’t and mustn’t do: leave the garden and pick the forbidden fruit off stage. For Burgele, however, a relative of Pulcinella, nothing is forbidden. So one day it happens, and the snake helps her to get the red apple. Suddenly things change! In all this freedom conflicts and even death make their appearance...

The timeless Pulcinella is a female figure here. Her name “Burgele” is taken from a mysterious Alpine carnival character from Tramin in South Tyrol. A fast-paced and amusing hand puppet performance in the style of Pulcinella with inspirations from Bruno Leone—the legendary Italian Pulcinella puppeteer.

11:20 Uhr, Alfred Sramek Saal rechts
Figurentheater Eva Sotriffer
35 min • Handpuppen

REGIE: Bruno Leone

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