The Vulture Wally

The blessed misses, two fading yet timeless Alpine sirens, sing and tell stories about the fight against nature, the raw mountain world, and the human abyss. Plus: a strong woman, a wild hunter, an authoritative father, a scheming rival mixed together with a big portion of love and passion, an inn, and the mountains of Tyrol. And the special ingredient: a vulture, who guides us through the story as the lawyer of the Vulture Wally.

It is a story about emancipation in which the Vulture Wally confidently and defiantly confronts entrenched family and social structures. Get ready for an evening set in venerable Alpine romance, a tragicomedy that sometimes gets a bit grotesque. Hand puppets make serious efforts to portray this powerful film material and beguile their audience. A dramatic and entertaining story—staged with a twinkle in the eye and performed with high-caliber puppetry skill.

Sunday, 27. October 2019
19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Die Exen
Ages 14 and up • german
70 min • handpuppets, objects
€ 14 / 7

DIRECTION: Friederike Krahl
PLAY: Dorothee Carls, Annika Pilstl
EQUIPMENT: Udo Schneeweiß
CREATIVE WORK: Mario Hohmann
MUSIC: Andres Böhmer
TEXT: Ensemble based on the Roman by Wilhelmine by Hillern
PHOTOS: Dirk Wildt

Coproduction with the Marotte puppet theater Karlsruhe


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