One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes


This year Helena Kramar worked together with students of the BAfEP – Federal Training Institute for Kindergarten Teachers on a rather unknown fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. It’s about three sisters who are very much unalike: The first, One-Eye, only has one eye; the second, two; and the third even has three eyes. But the mother treats Two-Eyes much worse than the other two sisters. She does not give her much to eat and has her tend to the goats in any wind and weather. Luckily, one day a good fairy comes along to Two-Eyes’ aid, gives her food and water and a wondrous tree with golden fruits. On top, she also presents the poor girl with a good Knight to become her husband. Time passes, and one day Two-Eyes’ sisters stand begging in front of her castle’s gates. Two-Eyes recognizes them but does not send them away and gives them a meal and shelter.

Wednesday, 23. October 2019
17:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Thursday, 24. October 2019
09:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Thursday, 24. October 2019
10:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Bundesanstalt für Elementarpädagogik Mistelbach
Ages 3 and up • german
35 min • talbe marionettes
€ 12 / 6

DIRECTION / DRAMATURGY: Helena Kramar, Marica Mikulová
PLAY: Schüler*innen der BAfEP Mistelbach
FIGURES / STAGE: Alena Maličková
TEXT: frei nach Grimm

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