Robotainment – A Brand New Type of Entertainment


Robotainment? What’s behind the name? We thought we should explore the fringes of animation and create a completely new relationship between acting/puppetry and robots. As we know, theater can invent itself anew each day—and our contribution to it is a new entertainment format. At the interface of informatics/mathematics and the performing arts/puppet theater we are researching a new form of presentation/performance in which the subject is situated in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) context. In this presentation we will introduce the results of our research thus far in an entertaining manner. At first a small robots takes center stage to get the ball rolling, so to say. This project is based on the content of one diploma degree theses by students from the HTL Mistelbach.

Wednesday, 23. October 2019
14:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal right
Österreich Premiere
HTL Mistelbach & Cordula Nossek
Ages 12 and up • german
45 min • robots, objects
€ 12 / 6

DIRECTION: Cordula Nossek
PLAY / PROGRAMMING: Markus Rennthaler, David Tadić
COACHING: Mag. Mario Stracuzzi, Dr. Markus Würzl
IDEA: Dr. Alfred Pohl
PHOTOS: Cordula Nossek

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