The Princess and the Pea


Everything is peaceful in the kingdom of Papperonia: The people are happy, the weather is nice, the king mild and wise—everything could just stay as it is. But the prince has grown up and should marry soon. How will he find a suitable bride? According to Papperonia’s constitution, it must be a real princess—proven by the famous and well-tried pea test! The prince would very much prefer one he could play around and have fun with. Please not a touch-me-not, for heaven’s sake, a princess in the true sense of the word. No, he really doesn’t need a princess. But let’s take one thing at a time…

Friday, 25. October 2019
08:50 Uhr, Auditorium of the primary school
Österreich Premiere
Theater Randfigur
Ages 4 and up • german
45 min • direct guided figures made of cardboard
€ 12 / 6

DIRECTION: Antonio Kühn
PLAY / FIGURES: Jana Sonnenberg
PHOTOS: Sebastian Vetter
TEXT: based on H. C. Andersen

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