The Fisherman and His Wife


“We can be quite satisfied, can’t we?” says the poor fisherman Peter Dudeldee and looks over the sea. “No, we can’t!” moans his discontent wife Ilsebill as always. And because the golden fish had promised to fulfill every wish after Peter had saved its life, Ilsebill wishes for everything her heart desires. And she happily goes on with her wishes. And in all her wishing she just cannot find an end to it: ever more, ever bigger, ever more beautiful, more expensive, more fancy—until the last wish that really can’t be topped off anymore: She wants to be God. And that’s when all the wishing comes to a sudden end! Everything wished for disappears once again, and everything goes back to how it was in the beginning. “I guess I wanted too much,” Ilsebill laments a bit. But from this day on she lives peacefully together with her husband, the poor fisherman Peter Dudeldee, until their death.

Thursday, 24. October 2019
08:50 Uhr, Auditorium of the primary school
Ages 5 and up • german
45 min • 2 feet, 2 hands
€ 12 / 6

TEXT: based on Grimm

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