On The Go
Theater for Toddlers with Found Objects


Fairies stand around the cradle and are ready to grant wishes for every new being. Or is life a game of coincidence, a chain of events without plan yet surprisingly connected to one another? Who knows… 

Two performers, similar to fairies or goddesses or perhaps guardian angels, play with found objects from the forest: shiny chestnuts, fire-red rosehips, stones, and nutshells. In this piece they take on different roles, and almost accidentally a complete life story unfurls—adorned with bubbly surprises, sweet seductions, and tough nuts. In their new stage performance Dorothee Carls and Annika Pilstl playfully and almost coincidentally put different events in a row. The images that result could be big moments in life: birth and death, the first kiss, friendship, weddings, and obstacles. At the same time, the story is simple and tender; the objects are combined into a whole in which everything seems to have its place.

Sunday, 27. October 2019
09:30 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm Bernatzik-Saal
Die Exen
Ages 2 and up • german
35 min • objects
€ 12 / 6

DIRECTION: Ania Michaelis
PLAY: Dorothee Carls, Annika Pilstl
EQUIPMENT: Martina Schulle
MUSIC: Matthias Bernhold
LIGHT: Lukas Wegner
PHOTOS: David Beecroft

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