The Story of the Fox Who Lost His Mind


A musical theater piece about getting old, forgetting things, about lived life, and what remains in the end.

Two performers and a musician retrace a biography together and reveal a world of living memories: Once upon a time, there was a fox that knew everything that a fox needs to know. “If you know everything, you can live for a long time,” thought the fox and lived a long life full of adventures. But then the fox forgot that he was a fox… The Düsseldorf-based author Martin Baltscheit wrote this story and describes the problems of dementia with wit, empathy, and a bit of melancholy. In his best years the clever fox shares his experiences with the youngsters; he eventually becomes old and forgetful, and then he falls from a tree. And now he is mocked by those who used to run away from him. And the dogs of the hunters he once played tricks on as a young Zorro could find him easy prey. The young foxes, on the other hand, take care of him and heal his wounds. Only his mind they cannot heal—he lost it somewhere, and nobody is sure where… 

A taxidermied fox is at the center of the stage, which represents a lived life. In front of the eyes of the audience the two performers reflect back on the adventuresome life of the fox. But the big clock that hangs over everything comes to a halt, runs backwards, and time becomes fractured. The last adventure is forgetting, and the story ends where it began: with a foxtrot. A touching production for an audience of all ages.

Friday, 25. October 2019
19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Ages 9 and up • german
55 min • figures, objects
€ 18 / 9

DIRECTION: Rüdiger Pape
IDEA / EQUIPMENT / PLAY: Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola
COMPOSITION / LIVE MUSIC: Frieder Zimmermann
DRAMATURGY: Jutta M. Staerk
TEXT: Martin Baltscheit
PHOTOS / GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jean Sebastian Nass


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