Without words, this entertaining hand puppet piece tells a story about all kinds of entanglements that happen when a small, perky goat only thinks about food, a behatted man in love only thinks about the woman of his dreams, and two robbers only think about their next haul. Each one of them is looking for luck in their own way, and then they cross each other’s paths. And these paths surprisingly always lead to a suitcase. For one, this suitcase is a goat stall; for the other, a treasure chest, a hiding place, or even a bed. But in the end all of the confusion is sorted out! This story is accompanied with wonderful live music, a fast-paced performance rhythm, and lots of bleating from just one goat. 


Sunday, 27. October 2019
10:30 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Sunday, 27. October 2019
15:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Figurentheater Eva Sotriffer
Ages 3 and up • non-verbal
35 min • puppets, objects
€ 12 / 6

PLAY / EQUIPMENT: Eva Sotriffer
LIVE MUSIC: Jonathan Delazer
PHOTOS: Figurentheater Eva Sotriffer


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