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The Foot Assassination and Other Romantic Dramas


On this evening you can expect an extraordinary performance consisting of very different short stories: An aging chansonette dolls herself up and starts an affair with a dodgy gallant, which eventually ends “fatally”. An unsuccessful angler has the catch of his life, but the nixie just doesn’t fit in his pan. A magician with truly astounding tricks, who has already been an esteemed guest at international magic galas, is live on stage in Mistelbach. In Rudi’s Restaurant you will follow the fate of a single-father waiter. He presents a zany battle against the pitfalls of objects: dirty glasses, a stubborn hole in the table cloth, and a screaming scoop that cries for a mum. Not exactly from a rib, but at least from another foot, the waiter “crafts” a mum for the child, er, the scoop in the end—at the same time he is the only guest of the evening, and the woman of his life on top. A house wife report! A story taken from real life: doing the laundry, cooking, ironing, making phone calls… naturally, everything all at once. No problem! But then the dirty socks come alive and the egg in the pan goes nuts. Everything goes haywire, and amidst the biggest chaos an unexpected performance commences: a breath-taking strip that ends where everything started—a bare foot. Anne Klinge surprises, fascinates, and enchants her audience!

Wednesday, 23. October 2019
19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Österreich Premiere
Ages 14 and up • german
90 min • 2 feet, 2 hands
€ 18 / 9


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