Forest of Songs


This forest transforms before your eyes into an extraordinary forest, a forest of sounds and noises. The roots of the trees, their branches and fruit become musical instruments, which tell you about its inhabitants in the following story:


There is a big party. Everyone is dancing – the rabbit with the squirrel, the woodpecker with the titmouse, the bear with the donkey, even the old wolf hops and bops around a bit. When night falls and the moon is high in the sky they all lay down to sleep, and the forest is finally quiet. Only the little hedgehog is still awake, and his day begins under the star-lit trees. He cleans the stars, each and every one squeaky clean. His friend, the bear, is helpful, a bit clumsy, but he helps out. The two are inseparable – even the love for a beautiful daisy can’t break their friendship. And when the bear gets terribly sick on the first winter day, his friend the hedgehog comes along and takes care of him the whole winter long. A tender story about friendship.


Theater education preparation for the piece:


Monday, 23. October 2017
09:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Monday, 23. October 2017
11:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal left
Children's Theatre Dubrava & Zavod Federacija Ljubljana
Ages 3 and up • german
50 min • figures, objects
€ 12 / 6
€ 10 / 5 (Online)

TEXT: Ajda Rooss
STAGE / FIGURES: Kaja Avberšek
PLAY: Andrea Giordani, Marina Bažulić, Bruno Kontrec, Yaniv Shentser, Gregor Hrovat, Ivan Štrok

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