The Little Prince – On the Way to the Stars

It all starts with a French umbrella saleswoman, her bicycle, and a bunch of fantastic, magical umbrellas. She takes us along on the Little Prince’s journey, whisking us away into this story that is not just a fairy tale but a parable on the meaning of life. The umbrellas become planets, the bicycle becomes the stage. We meet all the mysterious figures, listen to the chansons of the abandoned rose, marvel at spinning planets, magical shadows, and a gleaming fountain. And finally, this strange woman herself floats away into the universe toward the invisible treasure that makes life beautiful...

A piece of eternity! Saint-Exupéry had so much to say to people – and he still has so much to say to them today.

09:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal left
Figurentheater Christiane Weidringer
Ages 10 and up • german, From 10 years, German, 75 min plus break
75 min • Rod puppets, table puppets, shadow puppets
€ 20 / 10

Puppeteer: Christiane Weidringer

Director: Harald Richter

Puppets: Bärbel Weinhold, Günter Weinhold

Stage: Thomas Lindner

Music: Andreas Kuch

Photos: Bernd Sejdel

Freely adapted from the classic by Saint-Exupéry

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