The Book of Everything
A story about happiness based on the book by Guus Kuijer

Thomas sees things no one else can. He sees tropical fish swimming in the canals and the beauty of Elisa with her leather leg that creaks when she walks. He also sees the magic of Mrs. van Amersfoort, who is said to be a witch but introduces him to the wonderful world of books. From some things, however, Thomas would rather close his eyes.

When once again things go wrong in the family, he sits by the window, where he can think so well, and writes on his own “book of everything”. “When I grow up, I’m going to be happy” reads one of its main lines. Thomas pursues this goal with many small steps and not only turns his own life upside down. The Book of Everything is about everything that makes for a happy life: love, family, the meaning and the courage to see what needs to be seen.

Puppeteer and puppet therapist Margrit Gysin is the grande dame of Swiss puppetry. She performed on tours to Indonesia, India, Bhutan, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Canada, among other places. In 2017, she received the Swiss Theatre Award.

19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal right
Figurentheater Margrit Gysin
Ages 8 and up • german, From 8 years, German, 45 min
45 min • full-view manipulation puppets, actors, objects
€ 20 / 10

Puppeteer: Margrit Gysin

Director: Andrea Gronemeyer (Schnawwl Mannheim)

Puppets/objects: Bärbel Haage, Michael Huber

Freely adapted from the book by Guus Kuijer

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