Four Millionaires – The Berlin Town Musicians III

Ms. Cow, Mr. Wolf, Ms. Cat, and Mr. Sparrow are still living the good life in “Zum Sonnenschein” old folk’s home. Everything could be so nice.

But there is this Mr. Fox, who the freshly anointed millionaires stole the blue diamond from right under his nose. He wants revenge and weaves a foul scheme…

19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal left
Zitadelle Puppet Company
Ages 12 and up • german, From 12 years, German, 70 min
70 min • Full-view manipulation puppets, actors
€ 20 / 18

 Puppeteers: Regina Wagner, Daniel Wagner 

Director: Pierre Schäfer 

Puppets: Mechtild Nienaber

Props: Ralf Wagner

Costumes: Evelyne Höpfner, Ira Hausmann

Music: Stefan Frischbutter 

Photos: Klaus Zinnecker

Zitadelle Puppet Company Website

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