Where the Sky and Sea Share the Blue
A poetic hunt for the horizon

When you look out to sea, you see a magical line between the sky and the water. From an early age, Cordula Nossek wanted to know what this line was made of. Year after year, she would lie in wait on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and even the Indian Ocean, like a cat, to catch it. Unfortunately, she did not succeed – the line was always one step ahead. Unreachable! But then one day a little seagull appeared along with the idea.

Beyond the horizon, it goes on...

10:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm Bernatzik-Saal
Dachtheater/Cordula Nossek
Ages 2 and up • german, From 2 years, German, 40 min + 10 min conclusion
40 min • Hand puppets, objects
€ 12 / 6

Puppeteer/scenography: Cordula Nossek

Director/dramaturgy: Florian Drexler

Photos: Josef Schimmer

Dachtheater/Cordula Nossek Website

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