The Imaginary Invalid

Argan has everything he needs in life: he has substantial wealth and can afford all medical procedures. He has a charming, well-behaved daughter who is devoted to him. His wife, who is many years younger, also has many comforts to offer the elderly man. She makes Argan’s heart beat faster, and his blood could just circulate happily in his armchair, if it weren’t for the matter with the doctors and the illnesses.

Let’s not kid ourselves: Why does a perfectly healthy, well-off man of Argan’s age want to be sick so badly? And why doesn’t he want to admit the truth? Is he really sick? Is he just imagining it? Is he an imaginary invalid? And who will get to the bottom of this self-deceit with an equal measure of cunning and guile?

Well, isn’t it always the servants? Molière’s French classic comédie-ballet was staged by Lutz Grossmann and the MÖP team with hand puppets following the motto: short and sweet. And so much laughter must be the best medicine! Well, everyone has their own hobbies, one would think, and everyone is free to decide what’s their cup of tea. But now, on top of everything else, Argan wants his to set his daughter up with a young doctor as her future husband. You can’t wash that down with Aspirin and Ritalin. Your blood boils, and the sirens begin to wail.

18:00 Uhr, Alfred Šramek Saal right
Möp Figurentheater
Ages 14 and up • german, From 14 years, German, 50 min
50 min • Hand puppets
€ 20 / 10

Puppeteers/texts: Katharina Mayer-Müller, Martin Müller

Director: Lutz Grossmann

Puppets/props: Katharina Mayer-Müller

Freely adapted from Molière

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