Hans in Luck

Hans gets a lump of gold as big as his head as payment for his loyal service. He pulls out a little cloth, wraps up the lump, puts it over his shoulder, and heads on his way home to see his mother. He walks along, putting one foot in front of the other...

This is how the fairy tale of Hans in Luck begins.

What happens to Hans along the way, how luck crosses his path again and again, and how he arrives home at the end without any burdens – that’s what we’re going to tell you about in this story.

We are still rehearsing and are looking forward to a lucky premiere.

And the magic owl will join us, too!


16:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal right
Zitadelle Puppet Company
Ages 4 and up • german, From 4 years, German, 50 min
50 min • Full-view manipulation puppets, actors
€ 12 / 6

Puppeteer: Daniel Wagner 

Director: Pierre Schäfer 

Puppets: Mechtild Nienaber, Ralf Wagner

Props: Ralf Wagner, Daniel Wagner

Costumes: Ira Storch-Hausmann

Freely adapted from a fairy take by the Grimm Brothers

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