Don Juan
Love, Passion, and Death

“But if Don Lorenzo refuses me the hand of my beloved Donna Anna, then this hour will be a fatal hour for me...”

Don Juan, the archetype of a womanizer, lives a dissolute lifestyle with his faithful servant Sganarelle in Sicily, where he makes numerous amorous conquests, seducing young noblewomen just as successfully as simple maids. Yet, he is only interested in the young hearts. And once he succeeds, the object of his desire loses his attention. Even Donna Elvira, whom he kidnaps from a convent in order to marry her, falls for him. After he has dropped her too, her two brothers turn up in Sicily to avenge their family’s slight.

The puppet theater Bouchty a loutky is known for adapting its plays with virtuosity and humor. In this version, their strings reach to the idol of all women, Don Juan.

19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal left
Buchty a loutky
Ages 15 and up • german, From 15 years, German subtitles, 60 min
60 min • Puppets, actors
€ 20 / 10

Puppeteers: Vít Brukner, Marek Bečka, Radek Beran, Lukáš Valiska

Director: Vít Brukner

Stage/puppets: Bára Čechová

Puppet copies: Miroslav Trejtnar

Music: Team



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