Meadow Dreams
An adventurous journey to the meadow dwellers

Come along and discover the hidden secrets lying dormant in our meadow! For it is full of adventures and surprises. Often the small and tiniest things in life are the most interesting. Together with the mouse weasel Humboldt, a curious natural scientist, we set off an expedition and are rewarded with fantastic insights into the lives of the meadow dwellers.

In Meadow Dreams we meet them at eye level: We watch how bugs go out dancing, see how Vincent the ant climbs up to heady heights, or listen to the sounds of the homesick bumble bee Niccolo Bombini. Accompanied by familiar and sometimes outlandish tunes, we find out what Molte the mole loves to do in his after-work hours. We also follow from right up close how the very hungry caterpillar Lysandro transforms into a beautiful butterfly. With its playful, dreamy sounds, the musical meadow adventure invites everybody to explore nature in new ways.

15:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm Bernatzik-Saal
werk89/Maribor Puppentheater/Marionettentheater Schwandorf
Ages 2 and up • german
40 min • Marionettes, objects, actors
€ 12 / 6

Idea/scenography: Scarlett Köfner

Puppeteer/concept: Michael A. Pöllmann

Puppets: Scarlett Köfner, Puppentheater Maribor (Lucijan Jošt, Aleksander Andželović, Mojca Bernjak, Darka Erdelji, Nina Šaberder)

Dramaturgy: Carolyn Amann

Music: Maria Mogas Gensana (accordion), Pouyan Kheradmand (santur), Johanna Kugler (violin)

Photos: Scarlett Köfner

Project manager: Simon Hajós

Technician: Mirza Kebo

werk89/Maribor Puppentheater/Marionettentheater Schwandorf Website

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