Clear the ring! The smallest pocket circus in the world! A magic show with a white rabbit!

The stage opens up with a clownesque couple. The pockets of their pants and jackets are bottomless, and they pull the most astounding things out of them. Pockets of such a size, however, also harbor secrets, which even the two comedians were not aware of just yet: a tiny white rabbit. One like those that usually live under a magician’s hat. The rabbit shows up and vanishes again as it pleases. How should we deal with such a surprise guest?

With a lot of tricks, an e-guitar, and motifs from Franz Schubert songs, the audience is lured on a journey into the realm of fantasy. Under the virtuoso hands of florschütz & döhnert, the tiny becomes grandiose, the insignificant unique, and the stage a cosmos, in which anything can happen.

16:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal right
florschütz & döhnert
Ages 2 and up • german
40 min • Full-view manipulation puppets, objects, actors
€ 12 / 6

Idea/puppeteers/stage/objects: Melanie Florschütz, Michael Döhnert

Artistic assistants: Joachim Fleischer, Werner Hennrich, Hendrik Mannes

Scene painter: Wolf Dieckmann

Costume designer: Adelheid Wieser

Music: Michael Döhnert

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