Under the Skirt
The discovery of a gigantic skirt

All of a sudden, SHE is there, grabbing everything she can, only to disappear once again. A wayward playmate, indeed, bigger than us, especially her enormous skirt! What on earth will she do with all of the fruit? Isn’t there enough for all of us?! And what is going on under the skirt?...

In her fifth theatre piece for the very little ones, Cordula Nossek vividly interacts with children once again, conquering the theatre space together with them, with all sorts of new discoveries, while wondering herself about an extraordinary cloud of fruit. Out of the children’s reach, but perhaps she can help?
09:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Dachtheater/Cordula Nossek
Ages 2 and up • german
40 min • Objects, actors
€ 12 / 6

Director: Martin Staes-Polet (Théâtre de la Guimbarde/BE)

Performer/text: Cordula Nossek

Idea/concept: Gernot Ebenlechner, Cordula Nossek

Scenography/sound designer/photos: Gernot Ebenlechner

Photos: Josef Schimmer

Costume designer: Tehilla Gitterle

Pedagogical consultants: Charlotte Fallon (Théâtre de la Guimbarde/BE), Dr. Hubert Pollak (Kinderhaus Kunterbunt/AT)

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