Lost Mythologies
In search of stories said to be lost

Come and experience the unraveling of old chronicles of Mistelbach and their unforeseen consequences. Are there any? Yes, we will take you along in our history and show you where and how you can even access these hidden and lost stories. And above all: What can these old chronicles still tell us about our present day?

The Yellow Buoy Company has developed this stage show exclusively for Mistelbach. With puppets, objects, props, and a special bicycle, the audience will be mesmerized by the combined media of puppet theater, dance, and modern circus.

10:30 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek Saal, left
Yellow Buoy Company
Ages 10 and up • german
50 min • Puppets, objects, dance, circus, actors
€ 12 / 6

Director/puppets/puppeteer: Jan Jakubal

Puppets/costume designer: Niina Lindroos

Scenography/puppets/costume designer: Gudrun-Lenk Wane

Live music/composition: Jan Čechtický

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