Fox, You’ve Stolen the Goose…
Can you really outfox a fox?

Who doesn’t know it, the text and melody of the well-known German children’s song about the fox who stole the goose? This year, Helena Kramar and the BAfEP students had a closer look at the story behind this song. Is the fox now smart enough to catch the goose, will the hunter get him, or perhaps: will the audience outfox the fox? Be surprised!

We all know that the fox only wants to steal the goose to have it for dinner. But will we fall for his persuasive powers? The fox must be quite clever to achieve this. But who is smarter? We or the fox? And what about the goose?! Will it see through the fox’s game?

An entertaining hand puppet show for bright minds.

17:00 Uhr, Barockschlössl, Atelier
Bundesanstalt für Elementarpädagogik Mistelbach
Ages 3 and up • german
35 min • Hand puppets
€ 12 / 6

Director: Helena Kramar

Puppeteers: Students of the BAfEP Mistelbach

Puppets/scenography: Eva Farkašová

Dramaturgy: Anna Steffek

Bundesanstalt für Elementarpädagogik Mistelbach Website

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