The Story about Thatha and The Story about Tori

The Story about Thatha

There is a fascinating relationship between humans and their natural habitat. The Thatha Story tells us how important it is to appreciate and take care of our environment. One day Thatha, a funny, old man, meets a playful donkey in a park somewhere in India. The two devotedly observe the many small events happening around them. But nature changes when there is a shortage of water, and it falls into a kind of winter sleep. Fortunately, there is the monsoon season when humans and animals alike awake back to life. A sensitive and tender short story with puppets and surprising effects.

The Story about Tori

This story could also take place in Austria! With advances in technology and the easy availability of gadgets, the sight of children with their eyes glued to their mobile phones or iPads while they totally ignore the world around them has become everyday. That makes us wonder: How will we raise the next generation? This story is about the little girl Tori and a well-meant birthday present from her parents.

Monday, 22. October 2018
08:50 Uhr, Auditorium of the primary school
Monday, 22. October 2018
10:40 Uhr, Auditorium of the primary school
Europa Premiere
PuppeTree Theater
Ages 6 and up • non-verbal
45 min • marionettes
€ 12 / 6
€ 10 / 5 (Online)

DIRECTION: A.M. Parakash
PLAY: Anvitha Parakash, Sindhu Bhaskaram, Anup Simha, Manjunath Maanisha, A.M. Parakash
FIGURES / STAGE: Anvitha Parakash, Sindhu Bhaskaram

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