Workshop: Classical Indian Dance

An enticing performance for both the eyes and the ears. Almost like a puppet, dancer Sindhu Bhaskaram dances to the rhythms of the drums. In India dance has a religious origin: In Hindu mythology it is a sacred act, an activity older than the Earth itself. Shiva, the god of creation and destruction, is said to have destroyed and recreated the world through his dance (Nataraja). There is a total of eight classical dance forms.

Wednesday, 24. October 2018
08:50 Uhr, Aula der Volksschule
Wednesday, 24. October 2018
10:40 Uhr, Aula der Volksschule
Sindhu Bhaskaram & Anup Simha
Ages 6 and up • english, with german translation
50 min • dance
€ 6 / 3
€ 4 / 2 (Online)

DANCE: Sindhu Bhaskaram
MUSIC: Anup Simha

Sindhu Bhaskaram & Anup Simha Website

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