Mowgli – A Story from The Jungle Book

One day the little boy Mowgli, a foundling, finds himself in the middle of the jungle, an Indian jungle full of colors, but also full of dangers. A wolf comes across the child. But what is a child, who cannot even speak, doing in the world of the wolves, snakes, tigers, and other dangerous animals? Can a small boy survive out in the wilderness? He must understand that someone has to take care of him. Is he hungry? Would he perhaps like a bone? No, honey is likely better. A bear attends to him and becomes Mowgli’s guardian. Still, Mowgli has to learn how to survive on his own. He sets off on an expedition. Gradually, he starts to understand that life in the wilderness requires wisdom and cleverness, even though he is saved at first from every difficult situation by the bear, for he is secretly watching almost each and every movement the boy makes. It would almost be paradise, if it wasn’t for the shady tiger creeping around…

A story about courage and friendship that’s also full of thrill and danger.

Tuesday, 23. October 2018
08:50 Uhr, Aula der Volksschule
Tuesday, 23. October 2018
10:40 Uhr, Aula der Volksschule
Österreich Premiere
Divadlo U staré herecˇky Prag (The Old Actress’s Theatre)
Czech Republic
Ages 3 and up • non-verbal
40 min • table figures, objects
€ 12 / 6
€ 10 / 5 (Online)

DIRECTION / MUSIC: Jiří Vyšohlíd
PLAY: Jana Vyšohlídová
DRAMATURGY: Marta Ljubková
STAGE / FIGURES: Luděk Joska
TEXT: nach Rudyard Kipling „Das Dschungelbuch”

Divadlo U staré herecˇky Prag (The Old Actress’s Theatre) Website

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