The Miracle of the Scarlet Sails

After the early death of her mother, the young girl Assol lives together with her father, Longren the sailor. In order to raise his daughter, Longren quits his job and starts to make toy boats. One day, while Assol is running after a boat that slips out of her hands, she meets Captain Gop who prophesizes that a prince will come to take her away on his ship with scarlet sails. Assol believes him and waits for the prince. Everyone in the harbor town of Zurbagan – the bar lady, the shop owner, and even her nanny – laughs at the naïve girl who believes in a dumb fairytale in their eyes. It is a pipedream, scarlet sails do not even exist.

Meanwhile, Countess Grey’s son Arthur grows up in the castle. He is the heir and one day will inherit the shire. But this young man dreams of freedom and adventure. He runs away from the castle and signs up as a ship-boy. Arthur is a rather spoiled kid, but now he handles every difficulty and becomes a true captain. He sails around the world, and one day he sees a girl who is crying about a toy boat. He falls in love with her. The fact is: If you believe in a miracle, then a ship with scarlet sails will arrive one day, and Captain Grey will take Assol to happiness.

This is a story about the unwavering belief in dreams that everyone can give a small miracle to another. A magical and poetic love story.

Monday, 22. October 2018
19:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Alfred Šramek-Saal right
Österreich Premiere
Teatrol Theater
Ages 10 and up • non-verbal
65 min • table puppets, objects
€ 14 / 7
€ 12 / 6 (Online)

DIRECTION: Evgeny Solovyev
PLAY: Yulia Rikhter, Evgeny Solovyev
STAGE / FIGURES: Yulia Rikhter
MUSIC: P. Sarasate, F. Bualdew, C. Saint-Sans
TEXT: nach einer Novelle von A. Green

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