The Seashell Eavesdropper

To see the ocean once! That’s what Alma dreams about. A big wish in a small room. But how is that possible? There could be horrible dangers lurching right outside of the front door. So she doesn’t even try to leave her home. Luckily, there is the “Office for Apparently Unfulfillable Wishes”, which deploys the fairy Mia when they receive a message from Alma. And the fairy Mia has her hands full with this wish: It sounds so simple, but Alma’s fear is tenacious. Once the fairy has a look inside her head, she knows she is going to have to dig deep into her pocket of tricks: She sends Alma a secret mysterious package. A story for both the courageous and anxious at heart.

Monday, 22. October 2018
09:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm-Bernatzik-Saal
Monday, 22. October 2018
16:00 Uhr, Stadtsaal, Wilhelm-Bernatzik-Saal
TheaterFusion & Figurentheater PARADOX
Ages 6 and up • german
55 min • figures, objects, animation
€ 12 / 6
€ 10 / 5 (Online)

DIRECTION: Lisa Augustinowski
PLAY: Stephanie Rinke, Susanne Olbrich
STAGE: Olbrich, Rinke, Peter Lutz, Heinrich Hesse
PUPPETS / COSTUMES: Dorothee Löffler
ANIMATION: Bauer, Olbrich, Rinke

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